SIn Coral Art Nr. 02 Fungia

The handpainted 3D pictures of the artist SIn (Coral Art) show corals in a unique way.

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The handpainted 3D pictures of the artist SIn (Coral Art) show corals elegantly and magically.

The artist SIn (Coral Art) dares another look into the wondrous underwater world in her 3D coral pictures:

With the strong, fluorescent colors they form the perfect frame for every aquarium, but also in households without aquarium they are a real eye-catcher.

The special colours with which each coral is individually and lovingly painted by hand shine even more during the blue illumination of the aquarium - similar to black light.

In contrast to the black background the coral stands out even more.

Dimensions of the picture frame: 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm


Since dead corals are also species-protected animals, you will receive the exact species designation on the back of each picture, as well as the import/import number (Cites).

Unpack & hang up immediately
The artist uses only durable colours in professional quality. A practical hanging system is attached to the back of each picture.

You acquire an exclusive, hand-painted unique specimen and receive exactly the picture you see in the photos.

The corals are not suitable for mounting in the aquarium.

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